Empower the application developers with smart integration capabilities.

Application development today is usually not about building new big core systems like we did 20 years ago. Those systems have are already been built or standard off the shelf applications are used.

Application development for the enterprise segment is today very much about creating smart solutions using existing data in a new way. I want to share my view on how Netlang integration services can boost your innovation process.

There are often no lack of good ideas on new applications. The challenge is how to be able to launch several projects and evaluate them early at a minimum cost.  

Most new apps needs data from several other systems – Netlang gives you an easy way to integrate with existing systems, with high security, with almost no involvement from infrastructure operations.

In Netlang create an integration playground for the application development, where you have access to the best data. It gives you the possibility to arrange several working areas at a click and invite external members to get in partners and researchers in the projects.

Trying the application in a pilot case by moving the integrations in Netlang from the playground to a pilot area without worrying about hardware configurations, security etc.

You move the integrations in Netlang to the production area with a click, when launching the service for company use. You decide where you want to run the service, in your data center or in the cloud. It can easily be changed later – so focus on getting users and adequate performance will follow.

Invite partners to use your application by creating APIs in Netlang or allow them to use your integrations. Security and performance is kept.

Creating innovative applications is often about a small team of developers working hard on their idea. When you give them access to the right data – magic happens.


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