Utilize your unused server capacity

According to a study from Anthesis Group and Stanford University the utilization of servers in business and enterprise data centers rarely exceeds 6% of their maximum computing power. They also found out that around 30% of the servers haven’t delivered any information or computing any service for the last six month. This imply that there are about 10 million idling servers around the world and that is a lot of waste resources both for the companies and the environment.

Instead of running all integration jobs on a single dedicated server it would be great if they could be spread across a cluster of servers that has low CPU utilization. Since integration jobs typically are small programs that only handles a single task they are almost ready to be split. What is missing is a central portal where they can be administrated and triggered. This is where Netlang can help you!

How to spread your integrations

With Netlang you can install a small runtime environment on every server that has unused capacity. These servers will then participate in you integration cloud and be centrally managed from within netlang.com. The on-premises gateway makes sure that you can access you data sources from every runtime environment in the integration cloud.

Create a Netlang cloud and utilize your existing servers when running integrations.

When your integration solution are ready to be deployed Netlang helps you decide where it should run. In this way you get an evenly load an all your servers and if one of the servers stop accepting jobs due to some failure the other servers will pick up. In this way you will maximize you current infrastructure while getting a more fault tolerant system as well.

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